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When Should Wedding RSVP Cards Be Returned?

When should wedding rsvp cards be returned.

It’s time to choose a date to collect your rsvp cards. Find out what factors you need to consider when selecting the reply by date.

The wedding response card is easily one of the top two most important wedding stationery pieces. Mostly because Your RSVP Can Save You Hundreds $$, but it’s important to also include “Response Requested By 00/00/2018”

Most Iowa engaged couples request their RSVPs are returned 1 Month Before the Wedding.

However, when deciding when to request your RSVPs be sent back to you, you’ll want to Consider 3 Main Factors:

  1. Time Needed To Call Those Who Didn’t RSVP It’s a fact that you won’t receive 100% of your wedding response cards back. Build in some time to call, text, and message guests who did not respond.

  2. When Your Caterer Needs The Final Headcount In my experience most caterers want the final headcount around 2 weeks before the wedding, but some are even shorter than that.

  3. If You’re Creating A Seating Chart and/or Placecards Wedding seatings charts and placecards have the tightest timeline just due to the nature of the item. You’ll probably want to build in at least 2 weeks for your stationer to produce the proofs, order, and pick-up from the printer.

After considering each of these items specifically in relation to your wedding, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about when your wedding rsvp cards should be returned.


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