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What is A Ceremony Program?

What is a ceremony program?

If you’re not sure what a ceremony program is, no worries you’re not alone.

If you’ve been to a theater performance or a work conference you were probably handed a paper agenda upon arrival that detailed out the events of the day, the actors/speaker’s names, and all the details you needed to get the most out of the event.

Essentially that is the same as a ceremony program. It’s the agenda for the wedding ceremony.

If you’re hosting a church ceremony and only half of your guests are familiar with your faith practices, the other half of your guests may feel lost or uncomfortable. A ceremony program can put them at ease and get them the information they need to participate at the proper times! You might consider including song lyrics or page numbers too.

The program also outlines the important people of the event. Guests will likely know the wedded couple, but not the entourage you chose to stand up with you or participate in your day. The program details out each person you’ve chosen and typically their relation to you. This helps the other guests makes the connections or match the names to faces!

So in short, a ceremony program serves as the ceremony agenda to keep guests informed on your special day! (They also are almost always used as fans too, I challenge you to find a wedding where there isn’t a paper program being waved around!)

If you’re ready to learn more about programs, check out these blogs that go a little deeper into the purposes and parts of programs!


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