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Do I need Ceremony Programs?

Do I need Ceremony Programs? Are they Necessary?

If you’re on the fence about ceremony programs, EmDesign will share why they are important and how they can be a fun addition to your wedding!

Everyone’s wedding needs are different and ultimately the decision is all yours. A great place to start in determining if ceremony programs are needed for your wedding ask yourself these questions:

Will guests all arrive at the same time?

  • It’s likely some guests will arrive early and your ceremony program can be used to help get guests seated and quiet rather than crowding around in the back. It will help occupy guests and keep them content should they arrive early or if the ceremony is running late.

Do all of my guests know each person in my bridal party?

  • You've probably attended a wedding where you were distracted by wondering who was standing up next to the bride or groom. This is your chance to let your guests know who you've asked to stand by your side.

Are all of my guests familiar with the type of ceremony I’m having?

  • Are you having a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony but many of your guests aren't familiar with it? Are your guests invited to sing along to the hymns or are they expected to participate with replies? Include page numbers to songs or write out the expected replies on your ceremony program.

Can I control the temperature?

  • These handy programs often double as a fan for guests needing a little breeze. I bet you’ve seen guests at weddings doing just that for both indoor and outdoor weddings!

Do my guests know what to do after the recessional?

  • Use your program for sharing information such as "please stay seated after ceremony, you'll be dismissed by the couple." or “Join us outside for a bubble send-off”

Do my guests know how to get to the reception and when to arrive?

  • You might use this option to remind guests where your reception will be and what time it begins.

Are my wedding and reception back-to-back?

  • If there is a significant gap of time between the wedding and reception it would be nice to add a few local attractions, restaurants, or bars to the program so guests can fill the time between events.

If your answer to any of the questions was NO, you should consider ordering ceremony programs, because more than likely it will help your day run smoothly.

I know it might be tempting to create that ceremony program poster you saw on pinterest, but it won’t be as effective in keeping the timeline and guests in line as a traditional style printed program!


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