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What To Include In A Wedding Program

What to include in a wedding ceremony program

Now that you’ve decided that ceremony programs are important to your wedding we’ll look at what your ceremony program should say. If you’re still deciding whether or not you need ceremony programs consider reading “Are Ceremony Programs Necessary” and answer the question for yourself.

The possibilities are endless as to what to write in your wedding ceremony program, but after working with several hundred couples we’ve seen some trends that might help you decide what’s important.

These 4 main categories are almost always included on ceremony programs:

  • Ceremony schedule of events - this way your guests know what to expect and when to have the camera ready (if allowed)

  • Wedding Party - The names and relationships to the bride/groom of each member of the bridal party. Don’t forget to include parents, personal attendants, officiant, musicians, and any additional helpers.

  • Thank You - Many couples find this a great place to acknowledge the love and support they received from family and or friends throughout their life getting them to this point.

  • In Memory - This is a great place to remember those who have gone before you and are looking down on your during your special day. This can be especially helpful if you have flowers or keepsakes dedicated, this lets your guests know what they are and why they are important.

But these additional ideas/categories are sometimes a useful addition for guests

  • Reception information - Not everyone will have remembered to bring their invitation with them, so a reminder in the program can usually be helpful.

  • Wedding Hashtag - Include your wedding hashtag if you want guests to share the photos of your wedding activities with you on social media.

  • Fun facts about the bride and groom - Remember many will arrive early and spend the time reading the program to pass the time. Make the program fun with timelines of your relationship, fun facts that most people don’t know, or a word puzzle for them to complete.

  • Camera Note - Let guests know if cameras/videotaping are allowed during the ceremony. Consider all options, I’ve personally seen guests lean over or step into the aisle to take photos - and they block the paid photographers view.

  • Things to Do - If there’s a significant gap of time between the ceremony and reception offer guests some ideas of things to do to fill the time.

Don’t forget you can include anything you want to on your ceremony program but this is what we commonly see as wedding stationery designers. It’s a good place to start if you’re just beginning to plan out your ceremony program!


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