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How Many Programs Should I Order?

How Many Programs Should I Order?

One of the questions I get asked the most is how many ceremony programs to order and I’m not surprised, because this is one of the hardest numbers to articulate. Here’s what we typically recommend to our couples and a few reasons why, along with some exceptions to the rule!

Order The Same Number of Programs As Invitations.

Here’s Why:

  • You order 1 invitation per household and households will most often have at least 2 people. They are likely willing to share with their spouse or the person next to them, but they don’t want to pass them all the way down the row.

  • Not every single person will grab one - don’t need one for every guest. Maybe a wife will grab one but her husband won’t

  • Not every guest attends the ceremony. Of course you’ll know your guestlist best if your friends and family are the type to join in the ceremony or if they are more the show up in time to party type!

Exceptions to the Rule:

  • If you have lots of big families (agest 10+), order more! Maybe 2 per household

  • If the programs are completely unique (fan, paper airplane, etc.) - in this case every guest including children will probably grab one!

Ultimately, programs are the hardest to predict, and in most instances it’s just an educated guestimate. A word of caution - if you’re still completely unsure, even after our tips/suggestions above - order more, you’d hate to run out! ...and don’t forget to keep one for a keepsake!

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Aug 28, 2021

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