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Welcome, EmDesign is here to help you in building a consistent brand style for your company that will appeal to all your customers. Whether you're a start-up or a mature establishment EmDesign can help you improve your marketing materials and brand recognition or take marketing tasks off your plate. 


Your designer and marketer, Emily, has a BA in both Marketing and Graphic design as well as over 8 years in both fields. She has extensive experience in print design, e-mail marketing, social marketing and advertising, event marketing, ticket sales, and more!

Together we can create a brand from scratch with logo creation, color palette selection, brand standard guidelines, and business card design. Or, we can market your existing brand with print, social or email campaigns to get the word out about your business! Marketing and graphic design go hand in hand, don't try to separate them. Work with someone who has experience in both areas ensuring that both pieces work together to grow your business. 



You're already doing it all, and your marketing, branding, and design are suffering. You need someone to commit to helping you with the tasks - while  you still have full control over the decisions. 

suscription options

Our subscription offers are the perfect solution. You make a commitment based on the amount of service you need - it could be 1 hour a week or 60 hour a month! Your choice.

Whatever amount of commitment you choose will reoccur each month - for a 3, 6, or 12 month term - and you can use it on whatever services you'd like. (See services page for more information about what we can do for you!)



We can help with your graphic design, branding, marketing, and social media needs. These 4 topics are so closely related it doesn't make sense to separate them! You'll likely get a combination of all 4 when you work with us!

Printed & Digital Materials

Work with a professionally trained graphic designer


Marketing & Branding

Receive consistently branded materials designed specifically to reach your target audience.


Social Media Management & Advertising

Let us curate Facebook and Instagram feeds and ads your customers will be interested in. 


Free digital assessment

Take our free digital assessment to find out
where you're doing well and
where you could make improvements! 


gallery of previous projects

Work with emily!

Are you wondering why working with Emily is different? Emily is an analytical thinker, who naturally weighs all options to choose the best solution. She stands out from other marketers due to having Bachelor’s Degrees in both Marketing and Multimedia Design. This ensures your marketing materials twice as effective, because your materials are designed with your target audience, and brand goals in mind.   

8 Years Experience   |   Graphic Design Educator   |   Real Marketing Results

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