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As a seasoned graphic designer and marketer, Emily can help you with many marketing and branding needs for your small business. Learn more about our qualifications and previous work here. Our expertise lies in these areas: 


printed & Digital materials

As a professional designer and graphic design educator, Emily will use the principles of design to help you create consistent marketing materials for your company. Including but not limited to logos, flyers, postcards, posters, billboards, customer information packets, social media graphics, and more!  If you need she can design it. .

marketing & Branding

It's important to understand your audience to ensure you're reaching the appropriate people to grow your customer base. Emily will build each design item with your specific audience and branded style in mind, to ensure your marketing dollars go farther and collect the most possible ROI.      

Social Media Management & Advertising

Today, not having active social media pages can make your business look unreliable or outdated. Emily has a deep understanding of the available tools Facebook and Instagram offer for businesses. If you're looking for someone to keep your pages up to date, we're happy to help. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn also provide cost effective advertising options to reach very specific target audiences and we can help you tap into the potential customers you're missing!  


Below are just a few of the many options of services we can provide for you. Any services below can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you don't see something your looking for below, don't hesitate to ask!

If you're looking for on-going service, head over to our subscriptions page. You'll get your choice of any of these services on a monthly basis!

Services available:


brand boost

Great for businesses who need consistency. 

Let's help your customers recognize your brand with a consistent look. Includes a brand standards guide, your choice of digital, printed, and social media materials.

Starting At:



Email Campaign

Great for those wanting to build a subscriber list.

Compiled a list of emails, but aren't using them? Let's get you set-up to send out email campaigns. A great cost effective marketing solution!

Starting At:



insta posting

Great for the Instagram novice.

We'll beautify your Instagram page with branded and relevant graphics and popular hashtags! 

Starting At:



sweet spot

Great for restaurants! 

Let's get your restaurant marketing in tip top shape to help customers visit more frequently. Options include: menu design, social media assistance, email marketing, etc. 

Starting At:



Social lite

Great for those wanting to curate their Facebook & Instagram feeds.

Receive a set of optimized and branded social media graphics to post on your social media platforms.

Starting At:



Social Ads

Great for the business looking to reach new customers.

Let us optimize your ad content to create successful FB & Insta ads. It will help you reach a larger audience and bring you more business!

Starting At:




Great for brand NEW businesses.

Let's get your brand off the ground with the design of a logo that reflects your company. Also includes branded digital, printed, and social media materials.

Starting At:



FB management

Great for the Facebook novice.

Don't have time to focus on Facebook? Let us manage the content on your page with custom artwork and relevant post content. 

Starting At:



a la carte

Great if you need a single design piece.

Need a business card, flyer, poster, postcard, client welcome packet, or any other printed or digital materials designed? Let us help!

Starting At:


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