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What Names Should I Use On My Wedding Stationery?

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Writing your name is easy right, you do it automatically without even thinking. Throughout the wedding process you might have even thought about names quite a bit more than usual. Dreaming of how your new name will sound, practicing writing your new signature, etc. This article will help you decide:

What Names Should I Use On My Wedding Stationery?

Names are an important piece in your wedding stationery as well because they appear throughout your paper goods on save the dates, invitations, envelopes, placecards, thank you cards, etc! So it’s time to put a little bit of thought into it!

Here are a few things Iowa couples consider on several pieces of their wedding stationery:

Save the dates

Don’t exclude your names on your save the dates simply because you have a photo. Consider your guestlist, it is likely possible someone might not recognize you/your fiance because they haven't seen you in awhile, they are friends of your parents, or many other reasons.

Level of Formality: Low Save the dates are typically less formal than your invitations. There is no need to use middle names. Also, feel free to use nicknames if your commonly addressed that way.


Your invitations should include your full name in some capacity. It is not common practice to use nicknames on your wedding invitations. If you opt to also include your parents names on your invitation it’s likely a more formal event. No matter what level of formality, keep it consistent, don’t include one middle name and not the other.

Iowa City Iowa Wedding Invitation Suite Custom

Level of Formality: Medium - High

  • High - If you’re hosting a traditional/formal event you'll want to at least consider using first, middle, and last names. It is however, completely optional to use your middle name, but it does add a bit of formality. Many couples settle on using their first and middle. The reason for this is because their parents names are also included on the invitation so it's easily discernible what the last names are.

  • Medium - If you’re hosting a more laid back event. You'll likely use your first and last names. Parents name may or may not be used. Many couple's will use "Together with our parents" verbiage to indicate a less formal, less traditional wedding.

Envelope Invitation

Determining what names to include on your invitation envelopes is really a personal preference but here are some options.

  • Full Names: Janette Jones & William Wright Choose 1 address or use combined residence address.

  • First Names Only: Janette & William You’re changing your name and you’re not married yet so simply excluding last names on the outside envelope may be fitting.

RSVP Invitation

If the couple is collecting the rsvps they would likely use the same names as the invitaiton envelope. However if you're having the rsvp's returned to someone other than yourself you may put the address of another person. You may include or exclude their name.


The programs likely have the same level of formality as the invitations so you’ll want to use the same names here as you did on the invitations. You’re not quite married yet when guests receive the programs so avoid the married names for now!


Since couples are preparing these name cards prior to the wedding they sometimes overlook the fact that by the time you get to the reception you’ll be married. So remember to include your married names on the placecards. And of course any other materials from this point on in the day will include your married names!



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