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5 Ways To Avoid Errors On Wedding Invitations

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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How Cedar Rapids, Iowa couples are sending out error free invitations!

5 Ways to Avoid Errors on Wedding Invitations

When receiving your invitation proof you’re likely so excited to see it that it’s easy to miss a glaring error. See from some examples below, these mistakes really do happen! These five tips will help you avoid the invitation error headache!

How to avoid Wedding Invitation Errors Cedar Rapids Iowa

Common wedding invitation mistakes, cedar rapids iowa

  1. Read Right to Left to check for typos! This will allow you to force yourself to slow down and see one word at a time and not skip over anything.

  2. Check For Incorrect Words You’ve got a lot swirling around in that head of yours and it’s easy to type what you’re thinking. Be sure to check: Is the day of the week correct, Is the month correct, Is the time correct, Etc. This is the most common culprit of errors. Even this bride admits to looking only for misspellings.

  3. Have Several Proofers! The more eyes on the invitation the better. Different people tend to look for different things. While one person might be an expert speller another might check for capitalization.

  4. Read Looking For 1 Specific Item Each Time Read through once looking for spelling, then again for capitalization, etc. Breaking it down this way also helps not to miss anything.

  5. Check For Forgotten Information This one is the hardest, because you’re looking for something that isn’t there to begin with. If you’re working with a stationer they likely have some checks already in place for this or provide a invitation wording checklist refer to that, if not maybe grab another invitation off your fridge. Always check for dates, times, and addresses

To save yourself the headache when you’re working on your invitations, grab our Invitation Proofing Checklist today!





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