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How To Get A Personalized Note From Every Wedding Guest.

How to get a personalized note from every wedding guest.

Whether you’re a sucker for the sentimental stuff or not, you should definitely consider this unique stationery item.

The guestbook pages take the traditional guestbook where friends and family sign their names to the attendance list and takes it up 10 levels - to a keepsake you’ll actually want to look back at.

Guestbook Pages with Questions

Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s explain how they work. The guestbook pages are individual worksheets for every guest to fill out throughout the night. You pick the questions you want your guests to answer and as a bonus it will match your wedding stationery too!

Here’s a few of the popular questions couples include, but if you don’t like these we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas compiled for you:

  • How do you know the bride and/or groom?

  • Favorite memory of the couple

  • Advice for the newlyweds

  • What should we name our children

  • Date night ideas

  • The secret to marriage is _______

  • Your predictions for our future (kids, jobs, home, pets, etc.)

I know from experience that some guests fill it out seriously and some take a more silly approach, but all the pages are fun to look back at. You might even find that some guests even fill out 2 cards so they can be both serious and funny.

I’ve also got a few suggestions on how you can get the most out of these guestbook pages. I would bet you’ve been to a wedding where the line for the guestbook is out the door. These guestbook pages are meant to help people make their way to their seats, rather than stand in line. I suggest putting a page at each place setting, or a stack on each table. This way guests can sit down and fill them out throughout the night, whenever they have a little free time. Then on your “guestbook table” where you signature book would have sat, place a basket with a sign letting guests know they should turn the completed pages in here. You can also put the empty book there and have everyone slide their own pages into the book too.

As if these pages weren’t already amazing enough, we’ve got 1 last suggestion. If you’re having kids at the wedding include an alternate page - a coloring page. This way the kids who are too little to fill out the pages are still included and can draw a picture for you.

Once you have this amazing keepsake, don’t forget to get it out on anniversaries to re-read all the special notes from all of your closest family and friends!


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