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Your Wedding RSVP Can Save You Hundreds.

Your wedding rsvp card can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you’re asking: “Is it ok to skip the RSVP cards all together?” The answer is a resounding NO.

That’s because you’re risking wasting hundreds of wedding dollars by skipping this perfectly sized reply card! The RSVP is a crucial part of your wedding invitation suite.

This little piece of paper saves you from:

  • Spending money on 50 plates of food for guests who didn't come - because you didn’t have a firm headcount and assumed everyone was coming.

  • Running out of seats at the reception - your guess was too low and 30 of your guests have nowhere to sit and are just hovering over by the cake table.

  • Paying for unnecessary chairs, table linens, and favors - if there are too many tables and chairs your photos might look really bare and your carefully selected favors could go to waste.

  • Stress of trying to do a plated dinner without the proper information from guests.

  • Confusing guests - they might still be wondering where to rsvp and call anyway.

If you're thinking about skipping rsvp's to save a few pennies you're risking wasting hundreds of dollars just to save a few.

If necessary, use an alternative method to collect rsvps rather than forgoing them all together.


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