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Why Do Cedar Rapids, Iowa Couples Send Wedding Save The Date Cards?

Why should Cedar Rapids, Iowa couples send wedding save the dates?

You’re engaged! Yay congrats! Now maybe you’re wondering what are save the date cards, why do couples send them, and When do I send save the dates? EmDesign’s got the answers for you.

Why Send Save The Dates? People are BUSY. It’s as simple as that.

Your friends and family are no different and many people’s schedules are filled right up to the brim months before the day even comes and goes. This is why sending save the dates can be important.

You want to make sure the important people are there. You’re excited that you’ve picked a date and you probably want all of your closest family and friends to be there with you too. But with their schedule, you’re probably smart for letting them know early! This way everyone gets the date on their calendar so they will be sure not to miss it or double book themselves before they receive their invitations. (If you’re wondering, When guests should receive my invitations, we’ve got you covered!)

Though getting your wedding date locked in on friends and families calendars is likely the main purpose for sending save the date cards. These 4 reasons can be just as important.

Calendar Save the Date, Dubuque Iowa Wedding

4 practical reasons why you need a save the date card:

  1. Your wedding day is on a holiday weekend or a commonly busy time of year. Similarly to the above reason, maybe you selected a particularly busy weekend. Consider any events that might have your guests already booked solid. Could be graduation season, football season, summer vacation time?

  2. You want to use your engagement photos! What’s the fun in taking a bunch of engagement photos if guests never get to see them!

  3. You have any guests who might be traveling. The earlier they can make travel arrangements the better!

  4. You have any international guests invited. If you have international guests they may be required to provide a save the date or something similar for them to use to apply for a temporary visitors visa.

Though, save the dates are an optional piece of wedding stationery couples often find them important to their wedding plans!





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