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When Do I Send Wedding Save The Dates?

When should Iowa brides and grooms send out save the dates?

As a wedding stationery designer I get this question often. When should I send save the date cards. The answer is….

6 - 12 Months before the wedding.

You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a big window” and it is. The reason being that everyone is engaged for a different amount of time. You’ve likely heard of the movie The Five-Year Engagement and although it’s a comedy there’s probably bits of truth in it. Or on the opposite side of the spectrum the shotgun wedding where couples limit themselves to a 3-6 month engagement.

If you’re still wondering Why should I send save the dates you might want to read what we wrote on that topic too.

Once you've decided that you want to get your wedding date on guests calendars and are trying to narrow the timeline, selecting a date between the 6-12 month mark, these ideas might get you thinking a little more creatively on when to send your save the dates!

4 Ideas When To Send You Save The Date Cards:

  1. At the 1 Year Mark. If they get the save the date near the wedding date the previous year they will likely make a mental note! It's easy for them to remember it's just 1 year from now!

  2. During the Holidays. You may think about avoiding sending wedding stationery during the holidays to ensure it doesn't get missed but save the dates are the exception to the rule. Create a dual purpose save the date/holiday card with a cute holiday/wedding saying! See an example in our Save The Date Gallery.

  3. On January 1st. Everyone has gotten their new calendars and will be ready to mark down your special day. You'll likely catch them before they are planning vacations and filling their schedule.

  4. On Valentine's Day. It's the season of love, why not share the love and send out Valentine save the dates to your guests .

Now that you know when to send your save the dates, let’s get started creating your save the dates!





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