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Where To Start - Wedding Invitations & Stationery!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Where to start with your wedding invitations and stationery


Hi I’m Emily the owner of Emdesign Wedding Invitations & Stationery. I’m here today to help you determine where to start on your wedding invitations and stationery.

When couples come to me they often have no idea where to start, so I wanted to make things easier for you by getting you started on the right foot.

Step 1 of wedding stationery is determining what paper goods you need for your wedding. Because everyone’s needs are different. We’re going to show you 22 wedding stationery items today, yes 22 but don’t’ stress because we’re going to break it down and educate you on each of the different pieces.

Then Step 2 is where you can download our wedding stationery checklist and you can determine which items are your must haves, wants, and don’t needs.

Let’s get started.

The first pieces are Save the dates they an optional yet fun wedding stationery piece that gets your wedding date on your guests calendars early. Often times we include engagement photos on the cards. There are 2 common styles: a 5x7 flat card or a postcard which will save you a little bit in postage.

Wedding Invitation which of course is the most important. So we can get gets your information for your ceremony. We can also help you with your invitation wording, but you don’t need to worry about that yet.

Shaped Invitation, looking for a specific theme or wanting to add a WOW factor. A shaped invitation might be a good option for you.

If you’re going the more traditional route a pocketfold might a great addition for you. The pocketfold holds the invitation, the rsvp, and details card.

If you go with a pocketfold you might consider adding an additional embellishment like a bellyband and pocketfold.

With the pocketfold you can also add an invitation mat, it adds a layer of backing piece that adds additional color to your invitations, it can be metallic or glitter too.

The RSVP card is a very important piece so you won’t want to skip that. You can choose a Postcard style with your return address pre-printed on the back or select an rsvp with envelope. It’s all a matter of your preference.

The details card is one that often gets missed when you’re thinking about invitations and stationery. The details card includes, Reception location and timeline, hotel accommodations, gift registry and wedding website. It’s sort of the catch-all for the wedding invitation.

Add additional detail cards as necessary such as a custom map or rehearsal details.

The packages from EmDesign do include a set of white envelopes. The colored offer a little different shape. Add a pop of color to your guests mailboxes with colored envelopes!

The envelope liners are a fun way to customize that opening experience of the opening of your invitation. Get a custom design or a glitter liner!

Envelope printing is kind of a life saver if you don’t want to handwrite all your envelopes. They designed with matching fonts to your invitation and are printed in toner rather than ink so they hold up better to the elements such as rain or snow. Again saves you tons of time.

Ceremony programs are 1 of the top 5 most selected stationery items, they are great for letting guests know who is in your wedding party, what type of wedding section, or if you’ve done anything special for In Memory section. There are several size and shape options.

If you’re having a plated dinner at your reception you might consider doing placecards. This will let your catering staff know what guests choices were. We’ll typically color code them to make it easier.

If you’re leaving the placecards at the tables a seating chart is helpful so your guests can find their assigned seat and know which table to sit at.

Guestbook pages are such a great keepsake, individual sheets that guests can fill out throughout the night. You can customize the questions or add coloring pages too!

Signage, stickers and table numbers, are some of those day of pieces you might not want to mess with yourself and they are pretty minimal cost to add!

Cake table flavor cards or favor cards to indicate meal items, and if they contain gluten or peanuts so that you have your bases covered!

Doorhangers are fun to include in your hotel guests welcome bags or if you have a lot of people traveling. We can customize these with the wording you want to include.

And lastly Thank you cards, typically we’ll do a folded card with a blank inside. Otherwise you can select a postcard style. Many couples opt to include wedding photos too!

Now you know a little bit more about each of these 22 wedding stationery options. The next step is to download our Wedding Stationery Checklist and mark which items are your Must Haves, Wants, and Don’t Needs.


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