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How much do wedding invitations cost in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

How much do wedding invitations cost in cedar rapids Iowa?

The first step in determining the answer to “How much do wedding invitations cost?” is to define “invitations”. Everyone has their own interpretation and it can really throw off the result if the two parties asking and answering this question are defining it differently.

STEP 1: Determining the definition of “Invitations”

In my experience many couples don’t even know how they define the word. They just know they need invitations and they are ready to get it checked off the list. Here are some examples and options to get you started.

Which best defines invitations for you:

  1. Invitation: 1 piece that holds the wedding ceremony details.

  2. Invitation + RSVP Card: 2 pieces that hold wedding ceremony details, plus an rsvp card guests can send back.

  3. Invitation + RSVP + Details Card: 3 pieces that hold wedding ceremony details, rsvp card guests can mail back, and finally a card that holds all the remaining information such as reception timeline, location, hotel accommodations, registry

  4. All of your wedding stationery (paper goods): Invitation, RSVP, Details Card, Ceremony Program, Placecards, Seating Chart, Table Numbers, Thank You Cards, etc.

Once you think about it, it’s likely that option 3 is most fitting for your wedding, because you do have to get all these details to your guests when you mail your invitations. About 90% of my couples send out 3 pieces of stationery for their “invitations”. Typically “wedding stationery” or "invitation suite" are more fitting description for option 4.

STEP 2: Determining your number of households.

The size of your guestlist will directly impact the cost of wedding invitations and stationery. Couple's who have an intimate 50 person wedding will have significantly different costs than an average 200 person or a large 500 person wedding.

STEP 3: Deciding on Embellishments & Add-ons

Invitations are the piece that sets the tone for your wedding with your guests. It’s their first glimpse into the special day that you’re planning, so you might opt to add a pop of color to guests mailboxes with a colored envelope, or add a pocketfold so they can keep all the pieces together on their fridge. The number of add-ons will also play an important role.

STEP 4: Are You Bundling Other Items?

For your wedding it might make sense to bundle all your stationery pieces into one package. However, if you came in asking “How much are wedding invitations” with a specific budget in mind, then you’ve added ceremony programs and thank you cards, you’ll have to shift your mindset a bit because we’ve added more stationery to the bundle.

The Answer:

As you can hopefully now see from these 4 steps, it’s nearly impossible for me to answer the “How much are wedding invitations?” question ACCURATELY, for each couple without getting to know them and their specific wedding needs first.

You’ll also see why my couples have such a wide range of budgets, from $500 - $2000, for their wedding stationery and that we do our best to accommodate many budgets.

So when I answer your question with “Let’s meet and chat to discuss your wedding!” I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m trying to better serve you and give you a more accurate cost estimate for your specific wedding. I promise it really is a no pressure, educational, meeting where you can see and feel samples, and ask as many questions as you’d like!


Find Out How Much Your Wedding Stationery Costs?

If you're ready to schedule your educational invitation consultation and get a personalized wedding stationery estimate grab a time-slot on my calendar below!


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