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Choosing A Save The Date Style.

Choosing A Save The Date Style

There’s lots of great styles for save the dates and the save the date is the wedding stationery piece you should have the most fun with! They can match the rest of the invitation suite but they don’t have to. Some couples like to highlight their hobbies or silly engagement photos! Now let's take a look at a few of the different options you have for save the dates. We’ll also give you a brief look into our options of the pros/cons of each style!

Save the Date Styles

  1. 5x7 Flat Card with Envelope

  2. Postcard

  3. Shaped Card

  4. Ticket Style

  5. Magnet

5x7 Flat Card with Envelope

  • It’s perfectly sized for highlighting one or several of your beautiful engagement photos.

  • Add a pop of color with the envelope to add some extra excitement to your guests mailbox

  • Upgrade to 2nd side printing to add a few more photos on the back!

Simple Heart Save The Date Card


  • This is a little bit smaller than the above card but still can fit your engagement photos!

  • Qualifies for a postcard stamp - so you’ll save about $15 per 100 save the dates postage

  • Mail marks will be printed directly on the save the date and they are more exposed to the elements such as but not limited to: rain, snow, postage machines, etc.

Shaped Card

  • You’ll really WOW your guests with a custom shaped save the date. Friends and family will be impressed at your creativity!

  • Depending on the shape of the card will determine which envelope is needed, shapes might fit loosely into the envelopes, where a 5x7 would fill the entire envelope.

Ticket Style

  • Sports lovers commonly send ticket style save the dates in their game day apparel but you can recreate any ticket that if fitting for you. Maybe it’s the movie ticket from your very first date together!

  • May be smaller than the other options, depending on how realistic you want it to be.

Baseball Ticket Save The Date


  • Highlight engagement photos, and hang on guests refrigerator!

  • Typically the most costly save the dates

  • They can cause headaches in the mail due to their “sticky” feature. They have been known to stick to postage machines, mailboxes, and more - never actually making it to the guests. If you send be sure to find the appropriate envelopes and packing materials that mask the stickiness!

These are just a few of the types of save the dates, but feel free to try something new too!





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