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6 Tips For Selecting Engagement Photos For Save The Date Cards

6 Tips For Selecting Engagement Photos For Save The Date Cards Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wedding

Depending on your photographer you might have received 5-100 engagement images from your engagement photoshoot! Selecting which ones are best for your save the dates can be tricky.

6 Tips for Choosing Engagement Photos For Your Save The Date Cards

  1. Colors - If you have photos in several different outfits, it might be a good idea to select the more neutral color palettes or ones that best compliment your wedding colors. This way the save the dates won’t clash with your wedding colors or invitation suite.

  2. Simple background - Images with very contrasting color or sharp color backgrounds can be difficult to overlay with text that’s legible. If you’re wanting to be the center focus a simple background is key.

  3. Spacing - As you look at your gallery of photos you’ll notice that some have lots of spacing around the couple and some are very close up. Usually more space is better, so we can frame you the best way possible.

  4. Determine number of photos you want. Though you’ll likely have many great photos you love, sometimes less is more. Featuring 1 great photo can have more of a WOW factor than 5 photos squeezed together.

  5. Black & White Photos - Decide if you want to use black and white photos. While these often stand out on their own adding a pop of your wedding color can be a great addition. NOTE: If you’re using more than one photo, it might be helpful to use all black and white photos. Mixing and matching color and B&W sometimes looks a little off.

  6. Shape - Sending more than 1 photo. Look at shapes if you’re sending 1 tall image and 1 wide image they may be harder to meld together.

To see some more examples. Visit our Save The Date Gallery page!

These are just some ideas to help you narrow down your engagement photos for your save the date cards. If you’re still not sure let your designer know that you’re looking to them for assistance choosing your photos and they will likely have an eye for which ones might look best!




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