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Plan of Attack For Your Gift Registry

Toaster - Wedding Gift Registry

Although it sounds like a shopping spree, registering can quickly become stressful and frustrating if you're not properly prepared. I wanted to help you by providing 11 ways to prepare so you can properly enjoy it!

Gift Registry - Guest Count vs Price Point

  1. Typically 2-3 stores is a good amount. This can include the obvious choices: Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohls; Target; JC Penny; ....or online registries like: Amazon and Zola .... or even home improvement stores such as Menards or Home Depot.

  2. Determine the right number of items This chart is a good benchmark to help you find the right number of gifts at a wide price range.

  1. Check the gift registry guidelines/rules at each store. When returns must completed by and if they give you any discounts on remaining items, etc.

  2. Take inventory of what you already have Do each of you have a perfectly good crockpot? Cross it off the list. Do you have your mom's old hand-me down kitchen dishes set, add new dishes to the list.

  3. Prepare a checklist Use EmDesign's customizable registry starter checklist as a place to start. We created it so you can add and remove items as you see fit.

  4. Take measurements. Decide on quantities Getting curtain rods? Be sure to measure the windows first. Need towels? How many hand towels and how many bath towels? How many bathrooms?

  5. Map out your plan of attack Are you going to hit all the stores in one day? Will you start with the least exciting section to get it out of the way? Will you break the list in two and each tackle a portion? How many hours do you have?

  6. Don’t register too early

Stores change their inventory often so you want to be sure the items you registered are available when guests try to get them. When my husband and I registered we added yard tools such as rakes and gardening shovels. Though we had a fall wedding they were all discontinued before the wedding day. Some items even surprised us, the folding table and chairs were discontinued as well. These were something we assumed were always in stock. So remember it doesn't hurt to ask if you have questions.

  1. Go during a slow shopping period If you can, will help reduce stress. The more time you have the better, it can take longer than planned especially if you aren't well prepared.

  2. Keep track of what you registered for This is a really important one! If you find something that wasn’t on your list write it in. Keeping track of items is especially important if you are not getting it all done in one day. You'll quickly forget how many towels you registered for at Store.

  3. Try not to keep checking on your registry online It takes the fun out of opening the gifts if you already know which items were purchased!

By following some or all of these tips you'll surely be well prepared and have a much more enjoyable gift registry experience!

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