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Real Weddings Under Review - Nov 16

Hey I hope you’re doing well! I attended a wedding recently and I can’t help but be alert to all the little details and planning that’s involved. It is however a bonus to you so you can get a little insight from what other couples are planning, finding out the do-s and don't-s!

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First the special stuff! Overall the wedding was planned and executed extremely well! The bride was stunning and the groom shed a few tears watching her walk down the aisle! I’m always a sucker for the sentimental and fun touches couples add to the wedding so I thought it was an amazing that they included a few fun elements too!

  1. Phoney Placecards - When we went up to get dinner from the buffet we noticed there were quite a few placecards left on the table that weren’t picked up. My first instinct was “WOW, that’s a lot of people who didn’t show up” but then as we looked closer we noticed something really funny! Most of the left-over placecards were for a mysterious table 31 that didn’t even exist! Names on the cards included entirely bogus names and celebrities “Abraham Lincoln Impersonator Guy”, Anderson Cooper, and more along these lines. I can’t help but think that these names were chosen by special memories or inside jokes the couple had, and that this extra touch probably brought smiles to many faces throughout the night.

  2. Epic Cake Cutting - Cake cutting usually isn’t the highlight of the evening but this wedding had a different approach. My husband noticed the groom holding an unusual knife preparing for the cake cutting. I mean it could hardly go unnoticed since it was a samurai sword probably 2.5 - 3’ long! (I apologize to the couple is that isn’t the correct term, I’m not really familiar with sword terminology!!) They stood back from the cake and together sliced that cake open! This little action really gave you some insight into their fun loving relationship and that they might have a little bit of a nerdy side although the rest of the event was very elegant!!

  3. Bride & Groom Speech - In my experience the maid of honor or best man toasts are generally the most memorable. The couple themselves typically stands up for a quick thank you. This couple though had clearly prepared a nice thank you message for their friends and family. It was so heartfelt and I think everyone in attendance could feel how full their hearts were and how truly thankful they were.

The bride and groom also took a different approach for a few aspects of their wedding and you just might be interested in doing the same so here they are:

  1. Reception Receiving Line: After the wedding ceremony the couple left the church and were not seen again until the reception. When guests left they were able to congratulate the parents. Note: Many people hung around, I’m not 100% sure if they were waiting on the couple or just enjoying the day. We then were able to congratulate the couple as we arrived to the reception. Although I was surprised at this approach at first I think it worked very well because everyone is usually anxious to leave the church but this way the couple was able to spend a few minutes chatting with everyone without being rushed!

  2. Dinner & Dancing Separate: This might be a common approach but it was the first wedding I’ve attended with this split. We ate dinner and did toasts in one ballroom and then proceeded to another for the dancing and cake cutting. The biggest noticeable difference was that there were only a few tables to be seated at. Pro: majority not seated might encourage more to engage on the dance floor. Con: people might not stay as long, they also had to eat their cake standing up. At this wedding the dance floor was very full the whole night so it’s your call to make!

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