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How Many Invitations Should I Order? Avoid the Most Costly Wedding Invitation Mistake!

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Most aspects of your wedding revolve around “the number of guests” and it’s easy to get stuck in this mindset and forget about one key factor that could cause you to make a costly mistake. Below are 4 tips to help you learn how many wedding invitations to order and how to save yourself from this disastrous mistake!

  1. Start with a guess-timation It's fine to make an estimated guess if you haven’t completely finalized your guestlist yet. (I know it never really feels like the guestlist is every completely finalized!) I usually recommend that brides order ½ of their expected guestlist + 10-15%. The reason I recommend this amount is because most of the time your guests will be invited with a guest or significant other. Then you add the 10% for those who might be arriving solo!

  2. Order extra You’ll save yourself from paying the high price of a small printing run and rush shipping. You'll typically always have a few come back to your mailbox that will need to be re-sent out and there seems to always be late add-ons!

  3. Order one for a keepsake! In 10 years you'll want to see what your invitations looked like. and finally, how to avoid the catastrophic mistake:

  4. DON’T order an invitation for every guest!! You only need one invitation per household, be sure to sort your guestlist by family or address to get an actual invitation count.

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