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Constructing the Perfect RSVP

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It's important to include all the questions and prompts necessary to collect all the information you need from your guests in one shot. You don't want to be calling them all asking what meal they choose a month later!

The Parts of A Wedding RSVP

Just having an RSVP doesn't mean you're getting it right, there are a few imperative pieces you must have on your RSVP to get it right.

  • A Line For Names ​Make it obvious - It's amazing how many people skip/miss this line. Many rsvps use the "M_____" prompt. If you're not sure what this is be sure to read "What does "M" Stand for on an RSVP?"

  • Number Your RSVPs This gives you an extra level of protection if guests forget to write their names you can still identify who has rsvp'd! Just be sure to keep track of who each number belongs to!

  • Accepts or Declines (wording can vary)​ ​Make it fun, make it formal, either way - don't forget this line.

  • Number of Guests Attending No matter if it's a formal affair or a laid back event you'll still need to know how many people are coming so you don't over or under order seats and food.

  • Reply By Date - VERY IMPORTANT!! You'll want to create expectations of when you need the cards returned to you by. Check out this article if you're wondering When Should Wedding RSVPs Be Returned?

  • Dinner Selections If your guests have a choice of entree you’ll need to ask them now so you can give your cater time to get everything ordered. If you're using placecards you need a line for Name & Food Choice per each person.

  • Song Request (optional) This is becoming more popular to include on the rsvp so that the dj plays songs that appeal to the majority and gets everyone out on the dance floor.

If you've included all of these items on your wedding response card you'll be setting yourself up for success!

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