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Why Do I Need A Save The Date?

You’re engaged, you picked the date, booked the ceremony and reception space, and maybe checked a few of your other priorities of your list and now you want to make sure your guests will be there with you on your special day!

Why should I have a Save The Date: The purpose of the save the date is just to ensure your guests have your date on your calendar farther in advance than they receive the invitation. People today often plan their schedules out very far into the future so it’s an extra courtesy to send save the dates. You can send to everyone or choose select guests you want to ensure are able to attend. It’s especially nice to send save the dates to those who have a great distance to travel so they can make arrangements. I recently found out that if you have international guests they may be required to have a save the date or something similar for them to use to apply for a temporary visa.

Etiquette: You’re not required to send save the dates but if you do they can be as modern and fun as you’d like. They don’t need to reflect the theme/style of your wedding but can if you want them to. Many brides do really fun and unique things with their save the dates that have more to do with their personalities and hobbies than they do with their actual wedding plans.

Feel free to go outside the box and get creative. Some of the popular out of the box styles include

  • Sports tickets

  • Boarding pass

  • Calendar with date

More traditional popular types include

  • Postcards

  • Engagement photos

  • Magnets


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