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Wedding Postage Problem - The Postmaster Called My Dubuque, Iowa Bride

Wedding Postage Problem - The postmaster called my Dubuque, Iowa Bride - Iowa Wedding Invitations EmDesign

After addressing, stuffing, sealing, and stamping envelopes and dropping them off at the post office the LAST person you want calling you is the Postmaster.

“Did you mail about 120 envelopes recently?”

“Yes, my wedding invitations”

“There is a problem, please come in right away”

Counterfeit Stamps.

As you can imagine she jumped in the car and got over there as fast as she could. The culprit was the stamps. They were counterfeit.

How could this be?

Well, when you’re sending out your invitations you want to set a certain tone and create a subtle excitement for guests about the wedding day.

This bride had done this through the combination of an eye catching ivory envelope that shimmered just ever so slightly in the sun. To complete the look she added an adorable vintage looking personalized stamp that she’d purchased online, from what she later found out later to be a not so reputable shop.

The Domino Effect.

As with every problem, it has to be solved - but not without the tipping of a few dominos.

  1. The counterfeit stamps are effectively stuck to each of her gorgeous metallic ivory envelopes.

  2. The addresses are written on EACH and EVERY envelope.

  3. She’d already paid for each counterfeit stamp.

At this point, you’re probably ready to cry right? And maybe just throw the whole stack in the trash.

The Result.

As postmaster worked with her to create a feasible solution, but it wasn’t without lots of unnecessary stress and more money spent.

The Moral.

It’s probably a good idea to buy your stamps directly from the Post Office - they do have plenty of options there. Even consider taking your invitations to the post office to be weighed and reviewed by the staff to ensure you don’t come across any of the Top 3 Problems brides encounter when mailing wedding invitations.

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