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Top 3 Problems Iowa Brides Encounter when Mailing Wedding Invitations.

Discover What these Three Problems Are and How to Solve Them.

Top 3 Problems Iowa Brides Encounter when Mailing Wedding Invitations, Cedar Rapids Iowa Wedding Invitations EmDesign

These three tips with educate you about common Wedding Invitation Postage Problems and how to solve them.

1. Some Invites Land Back In Your Mailbox.

It’s inevitable that some invitations will come back to you, no matter how hard you work the guestlist before sending. It’s not unusual that guests will move without telling you or forget their apartment number, which sets you at a disadvantage right out of the gate. Then the invitation is handled by countless postal staff, sent through machines, and maybe even rained on.


  1. Don’t forget your return address on the envelope, so they will make it back to you.

  2. Order extra invitations and especially extra envelopes. So that when when your wedding invitation ends up back in your mailbox, you can replace the marked up envelope with a fresh new one with the correct address.

2. Didn’t Budget Enough/Any For Stamps.

Stamps are typically forgotten about until it’s time to mail your wedding stationery, but it’s best to try not to forget since you’ll be needing them quite a bit through your planning process!


Plan ahead, by knowing what items you need stamps for. Then make sure you are selecting the correct stamp for each piece and know what each costs.

Common Wedding Stationery Items Needing Stamps

  1. Save The Dates

  2. Invitation

  3. RSVP

  4. Bridal Shower / Bachelorette

  5. Thank You Cards

3. Selected Options That Will Cost You More.

It’s fun to have a completely unique wedding invitation with all the fixin’s that jumps out of guests mailboxes but it might not be without some extra cost.


Find out before you buy how the extras affect the postage cost.

  1. Square - square envelopes cost more to mail than rectangular ones just based on their shape.

  2. Heavy Invites - invitations over 1oz need a larger stamp.

  3. Wax Seals & Ribbons - any item that causes non-uniform thickness will result in extra costs because they can’t be run through the postage machines.

For all of our Postage Pointers on your wedding stationery, download the FREE Bride Guide Below!


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