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Your Wedding Stamp Questions Answered by EmDesign

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Wedding Stamp Questions FAQ, Stamp Questions Answered, EmDesign Iowa Wedding Invitations

Today we're chatting about stamps. Why? Because I recently learned something about the lovely postcard stamp that saves you a little bit of your hard earned cash! The postcard stamp is only produced in ONE STYLE per year.

2017's postcard stamp style, a set of shells. Its the only postcard stamp you can get for the entire year. 2016 was fruit and 2015 was coastal birds! Is this knowledge a deal breaker or are you fine with slapping a shell stamp on your rsvp postcard? Either way, at least you know now! Using the postcard stamp will however save you $15 per every 100 invites so in the end it's really a matter of preference. Now you know what stamp to put on your RSVP, but do you you know How To Construct The Perfect RSVP Card?

Let's break it down to help you out:

Rates updated to reflect 2020 prices.

Forever Stamp - Will forever stamp work for my wedding invitation - Wedding Invitation Stamps, Cedar Rapids Iowa, EmDesign

Regular Forever Stamp

  • Current Cost: $.55

  • Many style options available

  • Up to 1oz in weight

  • Typically holds an invitation, rsvp postcard, and details card

Overweight Invitation Stamp - Questions about stamps - Wedding Invitation Stamps, Dubuque Iowa, EmDesign

Overweight Invitation Stamp

  • Current Cost: $.70

  • Limited style options

  • Up to 2oz in weight

  • Commonly used with heavier pocketfold invitations

Postcard Stamp - Wedding Invitation Stamps, Cedar Rapids Iowa, EmDesign

Postcard Stamp

  • Current Cost: $.35

  • One style per year

  • Size restrictions: Max size 4.25 x 6", Minimum size: 3.5 x 5" - no envelope

Non-Machineable Stamp - Wedding Invitation Stamps, Cedar Rapids Iowa, EmDesign

Non-Machineable Stamp

  • Current Cost: $.70

  • Limited style options

  • For square invitations or odd size invitations

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If you have more questions about stamps and postage please contact your local post office! It's also my recommendation to have your invitation weighed prior to sending, to ensure you have the right stamp on it!

One last nugget of knowledge for you. If you have a ribbon or something inside the envelope that causes it to have "nonuniform thickness" it is likely you'll need a more expensive stamp.

For all of our Postage Pointers on your wedding stationery, download the FREE Bride Guide Below!

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