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Advice To Brides From Brides For Registering For Wedding Gifts

EmDesign spoke with our brides and compiled a list of often forgotten items!

To Brides From Brides . . .

  • Jenna says she wishes she and her husband would have registered for more fun outdoor games and items for their deck. “It’s good to register for items you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.”

  • Laura says “We almost forgot to register for a camera, video camera, outdoor furniture, hose, and garden tools.”

  • Allison says “We overlooked some of the small kitchen stuff that is nice to have such as measuring spoons, a spoon/spatula basket holder, egg white separator, ground beef browning tool and spaghetti spoon.

  • Sara says “It’s nice to have an extra set of bedsheets on hand.”

  • Emily says “My husband and I forgot to register for larger kitchen storage containers, we went to make Christmas cookies and had nowhere to put them!”

  • Kate says “We love to go camping but didn’t even think of registering for a tent or sleeping bags, my advice would be to add your hobbies to the list too!”

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